Prayer Rain Messages by D.R D.K Olukoya

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  1. Close Places Cryptic Demons Pr080110
  2. The Forty Arresters PR120210
  3. O God Arise and Revive Me PR260210
  4. Crushing the Devourer PR090410
  5. Crushing the Destiny Crushers PR230410
  6. The Unusual God PR070510
  7. The Strategy Of Violent Prayers PR110610
  8. Loose Me and Let Me Go Master Pr081010
  9. When the strong Man is at Large Sa231010
  10. Quenching the Rage of Enchantment PR171210
  11. Dealing with Destiny Sinkers PR241210
  12. The God of Daniel PR100206
  13. The Tragedy of Ancestral Battles PR270407
  14. Prayer Rain Prayers
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